Solid color coating systems are an economical way to enhance and protect your concrete investment, or restore an aging floor in your home or business.

With long-term durability and a relatively low installation cost, epoxy stays one of the most recognized floor coating materials available in today's market. At American Epoxy Flooring Services, we've taken the epoxy and improved it, giving you a stylish high -performing floor at a reasonable price.

  • Custom color-matching
  • Slip - resistant
  • Long-term durability and adhesion
  • UV stability
  • Chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Quick cure times
  • Low maintenance

Strong and Affordable Epoxy Coating System

At American Epoxy Flooring Services, we understand the floor coating requirements when it comes durability and high traffic spaces.

American Epoxy Flooring Services Solid color system is resistant to UV damage and can withstand heavy impacts, while being strong enough for virtually any indoor or outdoor space at an affordable price.

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Areas American Epoxy Flooring Services Solid color epoxy system can be applied:

Garage Floors
Machine Rooms
Production Areas
Service Areas

Start Your Solid Color Epoxy System Floor Installation With a Free Cost Estimate Today

Quit spending huge amounts of money every year maintaining an aging, worn-out floor;

Rather, get the tough new flooring you need with one simple and moderate establishment from American Epoxy Flooring Services Industrial Coatings!

For additional data about our strong shading epoxy, quartz, or chip framework flooring plans, don't spare a moment to call us today. In the event that you'd prefer in the first place a complimentary, on-location conference and statement, present our brisk online structure now.

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