Residential Epoxy

There has been a common misconception by our residential clients that you can only install epoxy flooring in the garage. We are here to tell you that this is completely false. When you decide to install an epoxy floor coating in your home you will receive a modern and simplistic look that can only be achieved by epoxy. We recommend our metallic epoxy flooring that can replicate lava flow or waves!

American Epoxy flooring offers a flooring system that can reflect light so effectively it can actually brighten up your room or facility so you can cut down on use of extra lighting. This keeps your home or business safer and cheaper to operate.

When you choose epoxy floor coatings, you are able to customize your flooring with multiple colors, designs, metallic pigments, and even your favorite sports teams logo or your companies logo in your storefront.

For our residential clients, our epoxy floor coatings can actually increase the value of your home as epoxy flooring is infinite times more attractive than bare and boring concrete.

American Epoxy floor coatings offer  flooring that can withstand sub-zero temperatures making epoxy flooring perfect for refrigeration or freezer facilities. residential garages benefit from epoxy flooring extreme chemical resistance that will leave your flooring without stains, even when exposed to gasoline or oil.

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