Anti-Slip surfaces and climate-safe abilities ensure your pool deck for quite a long time.

If you have a pool on your property, It°Įs essential that a high-quality pool deck coating is used to protect against damaging UV rays, surface imperfections, and more.

American epoxy flooring services products have the perfect coating system that creates a strong, slip-resistant surface that hides existing imperfections and protects against new ones.

Often made of concrete, pool decks are subject to noticeable fading, indents, and cracking that can start to detract from the overall look of your pool area. Something even more problematic, as cracks and other flaws, grow over time, it can put you, your family, or your guests at risk for injury, especially with a slippery surface .

The pool deck coating system from American Epoxy Flooring Services can handle all that and more, and our professional installers can have your new pool deck coating installed ,giving you a safe stylish slip resistant pool deck and piece of mind for your family and friends.

Benefits of a Concrete Deck Coating for Residential Pools

At American Epoxy Flooring Services, our mission is to provide our customers with exceptional products at cost-effective prices, and our pool deck coating systems are no exception. Built for extreme durability, our outdoor flooring systems improve the safety and enjoyment of your year-round outdoor fun without the hassle of constant maintenance and repairs.

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Whether you need deck coating to make a small deck area safer, or are seeking a dramatic look for your more expansive outdoor pool space,our commitment to high quality, perfection and professionalism is evident in all of our projects.

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