Your food processing facility should be easy to clean!

Between heavy machinery, outrageous temperature changes, and continually wet settings, the significance of durable food facility is essential. At American Epoxy Flooring Services, our food processing floor system is built to withstand ongoing wear and tear, while keeping a safe slip resistant workplace for your employees.
When it comes to a food processing facility sanitation and durability are the number one concern.
Food processing have to be easy to clean and sanitize in order to ensure that food and beverage products will not be contaminated by bacteria, mold or mildew. That°Įs why seamless surfaces are vital. In addition to being seamless, they need to be tough and durable.
At American Epoxy Flooring Services our products are built for high impact, chemical, and abrasion resistance that withstand the constant cleaning and heavy traffic found in food and beverage facilities.

Durable Food Processing Concrete Flooring

Food processing floors experience plenty of spills, chemical cleanings, and harsh power-hosing treatments. Substandard flooring is the perfect place for bacteria to grow and damage your floors. At American Epoxy Flooring Services, our food processing concrete flooring is designed with your production needs in mind. 

Learn More About Our Food Processing Flooring

If you're ready to upgrade your food processing flooring with superior and long-lasting products, contact the team at American Epoxy Flooring Services. To learn more about our food processing floor coating systems, you can call or fill out our online form to request a free estimate!

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