Commercial facilities require flooring that can be abused, cleaned easily, and lasts a long time to keep workers working. We offer our commercial neighbors a flooring solution that won’t only keep work flowing, we can make work for your employees safer as well. Our commercial epoxy floor coating can create a brighter area through light reflection, making objects on the floor easier to spot as well as less eyestrain on your employees while completing tasks. With our epoxy flooring, we can also customize how your warehouse may be laid out with the use of stencils placed under the top layer of epoxy so they cant become dirty and unable to be seen. This includes arrows to direct forklift or employee traffic, no freight zones, and even walking paths and labels for specific items. With commercial epoxy flooring, you can turn your facility into a streamlined, safe and cheaper operation so you can sleep at night knowing your company is making money and changing lives.

We understand the high demands your commercial flooring faces. It must hold up well against constant traffic, frequent and harsh cleaning, dropped objects, spills, and other hazards while maintaining a clean, professional appearance.

Eventually, daily wear and tear will take its toll on your commercial flooring. Long-term exposure to harsh chemicals and corrosive fluids can require repairs or recoat of your floors.

We proudly serve businesses with a range of high-performance commercial epoxy solutions that perform as great as they look. Regardless of your industry, we can help with long-lasting, durable, and beautiful commercial epoxy floor coating.

American  Epoxy Flooring offers a variety of epoxy repair products to restore function, safety, and aesthetics to your commercial flooring. Commercial epoxy repair is a cost-effective solution that can be adapted to fit the needs of your facility.

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