Redesign your basement into a more usable space with a floor system customized to your style.

Is your basement as comfortable and usable as you would like it to be?

Numerous homeowners have discovered that having an cracked ,low quality basement floors is probably the one of the greatest obstacle to getting the most benefit and usefulness out of this space.

At American Epoxy Flooring Services, we offer a variety of concrete coating systems that will upgrade your basement to the stylish look that is designed to make a amazing improvement to the durability and appearance of any basement floor. Our products and services are guaranteed to give you a long lasting high quality strong basement floor you will enjoy for a lifetime!

Add Value With a Concrete Basement Floor Coating

The wide range of basement floor coating products from American Epoxy flooring services, do much more than just add visual appeal to your basement. They are also a superior way to even out cracked, chipped, and dangerously uneven surfaces while creating an impenetrable barrier against moisture and unwanted pests. With our concrete basement floor coating, you can enjoy decades of lasting visual appeal and durable functionality, and our exceptionally efficient crews can have your basement floor coated and ready for you to use again in as little as 24 hours!

High-build commercial grade products for trouble-free,seamless installation

  • Variety of colors and systems suitable for the toughest floors.
  • Affordable,cost-effective pricing.
  • Flooring systems that are chemical-resistant.
  • Customized options, including non-slip textures, for extra safety and durability
  • Low-maintenance for easy cleanup

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