With extraordinary toughness, quartz floors are built for intense conditions.

Regardless of whether it's an outside pool deck or a high-traffic commercial showroom,

Quartz is a highly-durable coating application which is a double broadcast of colored quartz aggregates with polyaspartic or epoxy concrete coatings. The system is perfect for the most demanding heavy-traffic environments, specifically in areas which require excellent high traction properties!

American Epoxy Flooring Services Quartz system is a multilayer flooring system that brings slip resistance, quality, and style making it a long term investment into any property!

Wondering where the quartz system could fit into your space?

Showers and Locker Rooms
Commercial Kitchens
Walk-in Freezers
Wash-down Areas
Loading Areas
Veterinary Clinics
Medical Facilities
Pool Decks

American Epoxy Flooring Services Quarts System is a 100% solid formula and has the Extreme adhesion, Visually appealing custom colors, Anti-slip texture, UV stability,Chemical and abrasion resistance for a strong stylish long lasting easy maintenance floor coating you will enjoy for years to come!

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